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Clostridium Tetani

This bacteria is contracted through an open wound which typically involves rusted (oxidized) metal along with fecal matter. Assuming we are dealing with a sterile environment, the chance of exposure to tetanus by the metal from the needle (keep in mind there must be fecal matter and rusted (oxidized) metal plus an open wound all in perfect trifecta going into the area in question) is slim. This is not only true for piercing; any puncture to the skin calls for the same situation which is not the case in a controlled sterile environment.

The story begins with a beautiful baby girl named Ayanna (Dr. Mendez’s daughter).

At the age of 4 months, we were on the hunt for someone to pierce her ears with a needle, not a gun. After much research, we found someone in Union, NJ which is about 45 minutes away. We met a wonderful older gentleman who had 3 locations in which he strictly did ear piercing. He said this business came about from his experience working in an emergency room. One of the most common things he found was people coming in with ear infections due to bad piercings. This is where the idea came from to do the piercing the proper way, which is with a needle, not a gun. (See tab on Needle vs. Gun).
Fast forward 3 years we have another beautiful baby girl and again we are in search of the same gentleman in Union, NJ. I’m not sure what happened to him, if he sold the business, or passed away, but the business was taken over and was now using a piercing gun rather than a needle. BOO to them for destroying the business model. Now we are back to square one searching for someone to pierce our baby girl’s ears and we had little to no luck. Even tattoo/piercing shops (which most did not do baby ears) would not do piercings without proof of vaccinations. We live a holistic lifestyle and none of our 3 children have ever received any sort of vaccinations, nevertheless a tetanus shot (see TETANUS description above) for an ear piercing. Having said that we finally found a tattoo shop near us that was open and willing to do the piercing, so off to the tattoo/piercing shop we go.
Although we had a great experience the piercing came out great and healed nicely, when we tell people the piercing was done in a tattoo/piercing shop the eyebrow goes up. The point is most parents (especially first-time parents) don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling taking their infant to that environment. So about 7 years later Dr. Ear Piercing is born.
I am a Gonstead chiropractor and have been in practice since 2005 with Precision Family Health, PC. Piercing an ear has not been foreign to me. I used to work at my grandfather’s jewelry store since my youth. I performed ear piercings in the store at a very young age, BUT it was performed with an ear-piercing gun. Now as a doctor I can better understand the blunt abrupt force involved with the gun and would never want that done on any ear. In January 2018 I took time out of my practice to get properly trained to do piercings with a needle, not a gun. I learned everything from sterilization to actual piercing techniques to aftercare instructions and so on. It may seem easy or simple since the focus is the earlobe, however, just as in our chiropractic practice, I strive to deliver the finest service possibly available.